Chris Jericho Says This AEW Star Is Like WWE's Randy Orton

Jericho thinks one of his All Elite peers is comparable to WWE's Randy Orton.

Eddie Kingston

Chris Jericho has compared AEW peer Eddie Kingston to WWE's Randy Orton.

The reigning ROH World Champion told AEW's 'Unrestricted' podcast that he sees a lot of Orton in Eddie - in fact, he says neither Kingston nor Randy "quite realise just how good they are" as workers. Jericho added that both "think it’s funny to kind of downplay themselves".

AEW's Jericho Appreciation Society leader believes Eddie will become a World Champion for the company if he starts believing in himself a little more. Jericho has previously lauded Kingston's skills on the mic, but called their bout at Revolution 2022 one of his "favourite matches [he's] ever had".


The fun thing is that it started off wonky because of a "terrible" bump Jericho took on his head seconds into the thing. They managed to bounce back from that though, and went on to have a hot 13-minute scrap that set the tone for the rest of the pay-per-view.

Several fans on social media have already been chiming in on Jericho's comparison. He's not budging! 'Le Champion' thinks Eddie Kingston is AEW's version of Orton.

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