Chris Jericho Tells WWE To Re-Hire Lance Storm

Le Champion campaigns online for longterm friend. If only he had contacts somewhere else...


Chris Jericho took to Twitter to implore Vince McMahon and WWE to re-hire his former partner and wrestling legend Lance Storm after the furloughed star confirmed that he had been released and was officially unemployed for the first time in 26 years.

Storm had been working as an agent for the company until he was included in the 'Black Wednesday' cuts, with his Tweet today confirming the decision had sadly been made permanent.

In the tweet, he said:

For what it’s worth I am now officially unemployed. First time since I left SMW in Nov. 1994. #FutureEndeavors

Jericho quoted his friends message with a statement of his support, though the former AEW Champion curiously didn't include Tony Khan and the All Elite Wrestling account when going to bat for his fellow Thrillseeker. He said:

In this biz? That’s a hell of a run! Now @WWE needs to pull their heads out of their collective asses and re-hire you! #lanceisagenius

Oddly enough, this was Jericho's second attempt at the tweet, having originally also tagged Vince McMahon in the original before thinking better of it, unlikely as it is that The Chairman even knows that account exists. Expect a new nickname and t-shirt to spring from it on the next edition of Dynamite.


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