Christian Not Under WWE Contract, Will He Sign With AEW?

It looks like Christian isn't completely tied to WWE after all.

Christian return

It appears Christian isn't actually under contract with WWE.

On the back of tweeting out that the signing of Christian to WWE was "confirmed" yesterday, Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc has provided an update that states the former World Heavyweight Champion was actually signed to FOX and not WWE itself.

But in another twist, it appears that deal with FOX could actually be up as well, meaning Christian could be all clear to sign on the dotted line with All Elite Wrestling.


Giri stated that talks had gone down between Christian and WWE in the wake of his shocking return at the 2021 Royal rumble. However, it appears those talks have now fallen through, regardless of the fact that WWE definitely had an interest in using him in some capacity.

AEW President Tony Khan has successfully melted the internet by revealing that a "huge, huge" "Hall of Fame worthy" talent was set to touch down in the company at Sunday's Revolution PPV. Though many have been jumping to CM Punk and Brock Lesnar-shaped conclusions, it now looks as though 'Captain Charisma' could be a realistic frontrunner.


For both parties, this would make all the sense in the world. Christian looks to be in the best shape of his life, could still likely put on some top standard matches, and has a ton of experience and name-value to help guide and get eyes on the stars of tomorrow.

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