Chyna To FINALLY Be Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame

The 9th Wonder Of The World will enter the HOF in 2019... but there's a catch.

Chyna Hall Of Fame

Those clamouring for Chyna's induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame are about to get their wish, as it looks like the '9th Wonder Of The World' will be honoured as part of this year's ceremony in the New York/New Jersey area.

This is according to PW Insider's Mike Johnson, who reports today that localised New York City advertisements have Chyna's induction listed for the event... as a member of D-Generation X.

If Johnson is to be believed, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, the New Age Outlaws, and X-Pac will join Chyna in this induction. Thus, WWE have found a way to honour the Attitude Era trendsetter without giving her an individual inauguration.

The company likely see this as a compromise between those who actively campaign for her induction and their own point of view. She was immensely popular at her peak, and was instrumental in helping Triple H get over in the '90s, though political concerns and Hunter's insistence that he doesn't want children to Google Chyna's name and uncover her history with adult entertainment/substance abuse have kept her out.

Whether the group induction will be enough to satiate those who feel she should've been inducted years ago remains to be seen, but at least WWE are going some way to recognising the late, great DX enforcer's legacy.

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