CM Punk References AEW Backstage Drama On WWE SmackDown

WWE didn't stop CM Punk from poking fun at AEW's "Brawl Out" controversy.

CM Punk WWE SmackDown

CM Punk joked about controversial backstage drama in AEW during his first appearance on WWE SmackDown in roughly a decade.

The WWE returnee discussed members of the roster being frosty towards him, then brought up one Kevin Owens. That's when Punk said, "Kevin’s a little bit prickly and him and I are probably too much alike". If fans thought the fun would stop there though, they were wrong.


Punk went on to say: "I don’t know who would feel comfortable working with somebody who randomly just punches people in the face backstage. I mean, it’s 2023 ladies and gentlemen! You just can’t be doing stuff like that. That’s insane!".

The ex-AEW star was, of course, referencing his backstage brawl with Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks at All Out 2022, and his scuffle with Jack Perry before opening All In at Wembley Stadium over the summer. Few could've believed that Punk would be on WWE telly talking about this stuff by the end of 2023, but here we are.


Punk did bring up Seth Rollins, but didn't actually name him. The pair are still expected to work together heading into WrestleMania XL.

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