WWE tried to mix things up for CM Punk, but he wasn't having any of it.

CM Punk Survivor Series return

CM Punk once rejected WWE's pitch to have an in-house band record a similar song to Living Colour's 'Cult Of Personality' instead of licensing the real deal. The band's singer Corey Glover dished out details on this story during an interview via 'Drinks With Johnny' on YouTube.

According to Glover, Punk outright refused to use a bogus cover version or soundalike once he was a big star in WWE circles. It is, however, unclear whether or not the singer is talking about Punk's most recent return to the company, or his stint there between 2005-2014.


It's worth pointing out that Punk didn't start using 'Cult Of Personality' until 2011, so it's possible WWE fancied cutting some licensing costs by producing a soundalike that'd make Jimmy Hart circa WCW in the 1990s blush. Whatever the case, Punk wasn't up for it.

He wanted the proper Living Colour version, and the band were thrilled to hear that. Their track followed CM Punk to AEW for his 2021-2023 run there, and again back to WWE for his shocking Survivor Series 2023 return.


Now, it's difficult to imagine Punk using any other music.

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