CM Punk Is Rude To A WWE Fan At Hockey Match

Punk has no time for the fans.

A WWE fan bumped into CM Punk at Wednesday's Chicago Blackhawks game. Unfortunately, the experience was not a good one. The fan has revealed on that Punk was very rude and showed little appreciation for the fans who made him a millionaire. "I was at the hawks game and I'm standing getting food and I look to my left and literally 2 feet next to me AJ and Punk are standing," the fan states, "the only thing I said to them was Hey Phil can I get a picture please and he smirked and totally ignored me looking around like he was spacing the hell out." "It seems like he's got a stick up his a** and doesn't even want to acknowledge his fans that spent lots of money to get him super famous and rich." "He should've at least said hi or sorry." The fan is right. Good manners and politeness aren't too much to ask. Can you imagine The Rock of Triple H ever behaving in such a way? It comes with the territory. Alternatively, you could look on it as the fan making a mistake by being so bold to call him Phil. However, there's too much of a history with Punk being a jerk like this. He's just a very grouchy guy who genuinely doesn't care for WWE fans. He views wrestling as something he did and made a lot of money doing. He doesn't feel anything beyond that. The fact Punk "started spacing the hell out" is perhaps a little worrying. You wonder if he actually has some deeper issue beyond just disliking the fans. In other news, Punk appeared on Colt Cabana's podcast this past week. Cabana asked him if he had anything he wanted to say to the public. Punk asked when the episode would air. Cabana told him Thursday. Punk then declined to say anything. What does that suggest? It might mean Punk has some sort of WWE legal issue stopping him saying anything. The implication was possibly that if the episode was for the future, he might be able to speak. You can view the photos of Punk and AJ at the blackhawks game below. As you can see, he was readily mixing in with the public at the hot dog bar. It's no big surprise that people would approach him.
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