CM Punk Shoots On Wrestlers' Court In WWE!

"The most insecure small d**k energy."

CM Punk

CM Punk is never one to hold back with his thoughts, and the Second City Saint has quite brilliantly given his feelings on the long-standing 'wrestlers' court' mindset that has existed most famously within the confines of WWE.

For those unaware, Dutch Mantel is often credited with creating the first wrestlers' court back during his time in Jerry Jarrett's Memphis territory back in the 1970s.

In subsequent years, wrestlers' court became a staple of the WWE locker room, with the Undertaker often serving as a judge over supposed misdemeanours carried out by the talent of the day. John Bradshaw Layfield would act as the prosecution throughout all of this BS, with one of the most infamous examples of wrestlers' court seeing the Miz banned from the locker room for several months after eating a piece of chicken over someone else's bag. As the Awesome One has since detailed, he was forced to spend those months getting changed in hallways and public restrooms.


When asked on Twitter for his thoughts on wrestlers' court, Punk didn't hold back in slamming the "insecure small d**k energy" of those involved in all of this.

CM Punk, never change.

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