CM Punk Shoots On WWE Backstage Heat, Calls Some "Big Babies"

Does he have your attention now?

CM Punk John Cena

CM Punk's regular Twitter Q&A sessions have become a social media highlight.

The former WWE Champion is often very candid when answering fan questions, and isn't afraid to say what's really on his mind. That was the case when one fan asked him if he had backstage heat after blasting John Cena with a piledriver on the 25 February 2013 episode of Raw.

The short answer is 'yes', but it's the long one that's a tad more interesting.


Punk revealed that many backstage were "mad" about the unplanned spot, and some didn't like that neither Punk nor Cena had clued them in before dashing through the curtain. Then, Punk fired off some live rounds by stating, "If you really think about it, they're big babies".

He then went on to say that "finally doing right by me" and leaving WWE was the best moment of his entire pro wrestling career.


Punk obviously didn't appreciate the reaction to his thumping piledriver, nor the way some harped on about it like Cena had been injured. He hadn't, and obviously knew full well that Punk was going to do the move (it would've been impossible otherwise).

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