CM Punk Wins AEW World Championship At Double Or Nothing 2022

'Hangman' Adam Page's AEW World Title reign ends at a shade under 200 days.

CM Punk

CM Punk is the new AEW World Champion, having defeated 'Hangman' Adam Page at Double Or Nothing 2022 tonight.

A stiff, gritty bout played out in the main event of a long, 13-match show, with hard shots thrown in both directions. The atmosphere was unique, too, with loyalties split and the Las Vegas more interested in jeering the person they didn't want to win than rooting for whoever they were supporting. That they were so energised and engaging more than four hours into the pay-per-view eased many a pre-show concern.

Page hesitating on hitting Punk with the World Title belt ultimately cost him. Losing himself for a few fatal seconds, he dropped the strap, hit the outside for a Buckshot Lariat, but leapt into a Go To Sleep. That was enough for the three-count - and for CM Punk to leave Double Or Nothing as the fifth AEW World Champion.


Hangman's World Title reign ended on 197 days, encompassing six successful defences against the likes of Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole. Punk, meanwhile, is a World Champion for the first time since dropping the WWE Heavyweight Title to The Rock in January 2013.

The new World Champion closed the show in tears, celebrating with his new prize.


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