Cody Rhodes Bringing Back 'The American Dream' At AEW Double Or Nothing 2021

Rhodes vs. Ogogo is set for Double Or Nothing 2021, with Cody set to channel his father.

Cody Rhodes Anthony Ogogo

Cody Rhodes will wrestle Anthony Ogogo at AEW Double Or Nothing 2021 later this month, but not as 'The American Nightmare.'

The former TNT Champion will instead revive his father Dusty's old monicker, competing against Ogogo as 'The American Dream,' having cut a fired-up promo on the Englishman's anti-USA sentiments last night.

Ogogo has spent the weeks following The Factory's split from The Nightmare Family criticising the United States and its people. Last week, the former pro boxer put Rhodes down with another gut punch, laying the groundwork for this pay-per-view bout. Cody responded last night.


In a twist on the usual pro-USA promo, Rhodes acknowledged that while being patriotic is no longer trendy, he has always been proud of his country. He got emotional when he said that his wife, Brandi, will give birth to their multi-racial child in Atlanta, which was once heavily segregated, and put Bruno Sammartino and Shahid Khan over as immigrants who'd struck big in the States.

Then came his 'American Dream' reveal, which drew the expected pop.


This will be Ogogo's first major singles match in AEW, having wrestled only a single Dynamite squash thus far.

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