Cody Rhodes Confirms There'll Be NO Scripted Promos In AEW

AEW make another move to differentiate themselves from WWE.

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Yesterday's All Elite Wrestling/WarnerMedia TV deal announcement has the internet buzzing, and the accompanying statement brought several new details on the upstart promotion's product.

Per the press release, AEW TV will feature, among other things, "more athleticism," "real sports analytics," statistics, and "less soapy drama." As well as promising to "raise the stakes for matches," it also promises to give wrestlers "freedom to explore their characters and highlight their athletic abilities," with scripted promos seemingly off the table.

Speaking at yesterday's WarnerMedia upfronts, Cody and Brandi Rhodes said: "you may not see one scripted promo. We have these great collaborators, plus all of us who want to make this work. Collaboration? Yes. Micromanagement? No. Script? No. That's the best."


Heavily scripted promos have been one of WWE's biggest gripes for years. In controlling what their characters say, critics claim, with merit, that WWE are hindering their ability to be themselves and get over. By expressly stating that this won't be a problem in AEW, Cody is effectively talking directly to anyone who feels frustrated or disenfranchised by the current WWE product. Let's hope he's able to deliver on his promise.

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