Cody Rhodes Envisions "Dream" AEW Match Against Sting

AEW News - Cody Rhodes "Would Love" To Face Sting!


With the iconic Sting having now landed in All Elite Wrestling, the wrestling business has been abuzz at the possible match-ups that lie ahead for the Stinger.

Teaming with Darby Allin seems a shoe-in at this point, and one other anticipated bout is something with Cody Rhodes. Now, Cody himself has been asked about the chances of him stepping into the ring to square off with the six-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion.

Speaking to Daniel Trainer, the American Nightmare enthused:

“It’s no secret that Sting was my favourite wrestler. I had Sting in WCW and Shawn [Michaels] in WWF. But really, I wasn’t supposed to watch WWF, so Sting was everything. I got to see him live so often and I got to see the connection he had. I honestly am scared to answer that. Obviously, as a wrestler, to stand across the ring from your hero is everyone’s dream, to share that field. So yes, I would love [to] and envision that.”

Going on to discuss the responsibility that comes with competing against a legend of Sting’s status, Rhodes added:

“When you put yourself in that position, you’re no longer a fan. You’re now out to outperform them, out to beat them. However you look at wrestling, you are opposite of them. You are their dance partner, their competition. You’re all these things. That is a big responsibility, and that is also just scary, especially I you’re somebody like me who loves the memory and the legacy of wrestlers. I never want them to feel like they have to carry on. Their memories carry on enough as they get older.”

Having officially retired in 2016 following neck issues, any future matches for the 61-year-old Stinger would have to be managed extremely carefully – either as cinematic bouts or as tag team matches where somebody can do the heavy lifting for Sting.


Either way, just having Sting back on our screens again is fantastic to see. And as the famed saying goes, the only thing that's for sure about Sting, is nothin's for sure...

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