Cody Rhodes' First Student To Make AEW Debut

Nightmare Wrestling Factory student set for her pro debut on this week's AEW Dark.

AEW Dark Brooke Havok

In typical fashion for AEW Dark, the 26 January edition of the show will feature a mammoth card. What separates this week's episode from past instalments, though, is that a very special talent is set for her AEW debut.

That talent is Brooke Havok. She'll face Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D in what will not only be her AEW debut, but (technically) her professional wrestling debut as a whole. Who trained her? Cody Rhodes.

A student at Rhodes and QT Marshall's Nightmare Wrestling Factory, Havok has received a touching message of support from 'The American Nightmare' before facing Baker. Cody took to Twitter after the match was announced;

This is my very first student - I never anticipated somebody would be ready this early on, but she did the work and earned this opportunity. (She was actually Britt’s “intern” when she shadowed TV). VERY tough draw for her here, but I love this! Brooke’s true first pro match.

Brooke appeared as part of the school's showcase event that went up on YouTube a few weeks ago, scoring the win over Audina Davinity and Babie with her partner being Kat Spencer. She showed promise there. Squaring off against Baker will only do good things for her going forward.

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