Cody Rhodes Returns, Rosario Dawson Appears On AEW Dynamite

Rhodes returns to brawl with Malakai Black as Dynamite: Grand Slam looms.

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes returned to AEW television last night, brawling with Malakai Black ahead of their grudge match on next week's Dynamite: Grand Slam show at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Black hit the ring towards the middle portion of last night's episode of Dynamite. Standing at ringside was Rosario Dawson, who serves alongside Rhodes as a judge on TNT's Go-Big Show. Malakai pointed her out, noting she was wearing Cody's merchandise, and got into it with the actress before getting distracted by Rhodes' entrance through the crowd.

This allowed Dawson to set on Black by attaching herself to his back. Clad in an immaculate red suit, Rhodes effectively saved her by brawling with Malakai at ringside then eventually all the way up the bleachers, sending the feud home for Grand Slam.


Last night was the first time Rhodes had been on AEW television since 4 August, when he lost his first match with Black in under five minutes. Though he tried to "retire" in the ring afterwards, this was thwarted by Malakai, who beat Cody down and took his boot as a souvenir.

The retirement storyline was done to allow Cody to take time off to film season two of the Go-Big Show.

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