Cody Rhodes Wants To Wrestle THIS WWE Star Soon

WWE Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes pitches a mega-match vs. someone special.

Cody Rhodes Gunther

Cody Rhodes has pitched a future one-on-one match with "next level, elite athlete" GUNTHER.

The 2023 Royal Rumble winner told Corey Graves on WWE's in-house 'After The Bell' podcast that he'd also like to wrestle the reigning Intercontinental Champ in Europe. That, according to Cody, would be "an away game" for him, and the atmosphere would be incredible.

GUNTHER and Rhodes wound up being the final two men in last weekend's Rumble. They worked a prolonged stretch that lured the live crowd in before Cody eventually sent his foe to the floor and secured a WrestleMania 39 mega-match vs. Roman Reigns.


He was very impressed by GUNTHER though.

Rhodes joked to Graves that he'd "made fun" of GUNTHER's name in the past, but said the IC titleholder's future is "massive". Not done there, Cody also said the Imperium leader's "present is massive" too. He's extremely high on GUNTHER, in other words, and thinks they should run the Rumble back in singles action sooner rather than later.


Rhodes vs. GUNTHER could cross WWE's radar post-'Mania. Cody's words also tease it happening on the annual European tour that follows.

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