Company Legend BLASTS WWE For Mandy Rose Release

This WWE Hall Of Famer isn't happy with the way Mandy Rose was treated.

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash isn't happy with the way WWE handled Mandy Rose.

The Hall Of Famer told listeners tuning into his 'Kliq This' podcast that "it comes down to just the absolute loss on a daily basis of more and more freedoms". 'Big Sexy' also reckons the company could've treated the situation with more grace, especially when they're the ones touting an "independent contractor" status for workers in the first place.

It leaves a bad taste in Kev's mouth that Rose is called that but doesn't have "freedoms" outside the industry within reason. He pointed out that Mandy hadn't been "doing anything illegal"; "It’s not like she’s a prostitute. It’s not like...she’s not doing anything that’s against the law, you know?".


Fair point.

WWE didn't see it that way though. They claimed that Mandy's FanTime content left them with no other option. Dave Meltzer also teased that there was a lot more to the story than meets the eye initially, but Nash isn't buying it.


Instead, Kevin theorised that Rose wouldn't be seeking alternate ways to earn income if WWE was paying her enough in the first place. He has a real "problem" with the whole thing.

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