Conan O'Brien Takes Shots At WWE Being "Essential" Business

Which star was labelled as 'indispensable'?

Sasha Banks Indispensable

During last night's Conan show on TBS, host Conan O'Brien fired shots at WWE for being deemed an essential business in Florida at this time.

The news of Vince McMahon's company being confirmed as an essential business in Florida during the current global situation has led to various public figures making a number of jokes at their expense.

Conan was the latest star to take aim at the company on his show last night, stating that they thought 'someone should tip their caps to the good folks of the WWE.' This was then followed by a video which referred to wrestlers as 'selfless gladiators that elbow smash, cross chop and clothesline each other day after day for our amusement.'


Images of Mojo Rawley (referred to as essential), Roman Reigns (referred to as necessary), Natalya (referred to as crucial) and Sasha Banks (referred to as indispensable) all flashed on screen, before those stars were thanked for 'choking each other out so the rest of us can breathe a little easier'.

In a week which has already involved multiple lawsuits against the company, you can bet that WWE won't exactly be over the moon to be receiving even more bad press in the form of this tongue-in-cheek ribbing.

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