Confirmed: Triple H Wants Former NXT Champion Back In WWE

WWE is making moves to bring this former star back to the company.

Triple H Johnny Gargano

Johnny Gargano didn't return to WWE during last night's Raw in his Cleveland, Ohio hometown despite speculation linking him with an appearance, but that doesn't mean the promotion isn't interested in bringing the former NXT Champion back.

Per Fightful Select, WWE has made overtures to Gargano through NXT's Shawn Michaels, who was given the task of contacting the free agent following WWE's recent regime change. Details on those conversations (and how they may have gone) haven't yet emerged, though Michaels has been in touch.

Gargano's former The Way stablemate, Dexter Lumis, returned to WWE on Raw, having been released by the company in April.


A free agent since December 2021, when his WWE contract expired, Gargano had been signed to WWE for close to six years at the time of his departure. Pushed heavily under Triple H's creative rule of the developmental brand, he departed as NXT's first ever Triple Crown Champion, having seized its Tag Team, North American, and NXT Championship during his run.

With Vince McMahon out as CEO and Chairman and Triple H ascending to WWE's creative lead, smaller, more athletic wrestlers of Gargano's ilk are expected to stand a better chance of main roster success than under the previous leadership. Johnny's former tag team partner, Ciampa, fought Bobby Lashley for the United States Title last night.

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