Controversial Ex-WWE Star Becomes Police Officer

This former wrestler just announced quite the career change post-WWE...

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Controversial ex-WWE star Jaxson Ryker has announced via social media that he's now a member of the Iredell County, North Carolina Sheriff’s Office.

Ryker gushed with pride when revealing his sudden career change, and said he'll "always wear this badge and uniform with pride". The one-time leader of NXT's Forgotten Sons and former Elias ally-come-rival also described the switch as a completely "new chapter" in his life.


The former WWE man received a ton of backlash for several controversial tweets and opinions on everything from Donald Trump to the Black Lives Matter movement several years ago. Top WWE stars like Kevin Owens were rather outspoken about Ryker's posts, and his old Forgotten Sons colleagues also distanced themselves from Jaxson's personal views.

Ryker was released by WWE in November 2021, and formally retired from active pro wrestling just last month. It's onto pastures new for Jaxson then; Lucha Libre Online posted a photo of Ryker in his new uniform on X.


He's clean shaven, smiling, and quite clearly bursting with pride. The man's excited to get this new career underway. Wrestling is firmly in his rearview mirror.

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