Controversial Finish In Women's Tag Team Title Match On WWE Raw

WWE's Women's Tag Team Titles finally found new owners on Raw, BUT...

Dakota Kai Bayley IYO SKY

WWE's Women's Tag Team Championships finally found new owners on last night's Raw, as Aliyah and Raquel Rodriguez surprisingly triumphed over favourites IYO SKY and Dakota Kai to close a tournament designed to allocate the vacant straps - but the finish was far from conclusive.

Aliyah scored the pinfall by sneaking into the ring and pinning Kai for the three-count. This sparked euphoric celebrations not only between the victors, but also Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, and Asuka, who had stormed ringside to chase Bayley away prior to the fall.

Unfortunately, Dakota wasn't the legal woman. SKY, who made a pin attempt roughly one minute prior to the finish, was. Although Kai was in the ring when Aliyah struck, she had entered beneath the bottom rope rather than by slapping her partner's hand.


Kai acknowledged this herself, saying "I wasn't legal!" to IYO after the bell:-

WWE may opt to turn this into a storyline, using the murky finish as justification to give SKY and Kai a rematch. Nonetheless, they team with Bayley to face Belair, Asuka, and Bliss at Clash at the Castle this Saturday.

The WWE Women's Tag Team Championships had been vacant since 20 May, when Naomi and Sasha Banks were stripped of the straps days after walking out of that week's Raw taping. Suspended indefinitely on the same night, the duo is yet to return to WWE.

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