Corey Graves Blasts WWE's NXT 2.0 "Problem"

WWE announcer Corey Graves has spotted a flaw on NXT, but he knows how to fix it.

Apollo Crews Giovanni Vinci

Corey Graves wants WWE to fix a major "problem" with NXT 2.0 right now.

The announcer got on his soap box during a recent episode of his 'After The Bell' podcast series and didn't mince his words - Graves said that "everybody wrestles the same way" and that he'd like to see that change. Specifically, Corey picked out a match from the 12 July episode between Apollo Crews and Giovanni Vinci.

Graves liked the bout, but he couldn't help but notice that there was practically nothing for casual viewers to distinguish between both men, their characters or their place on the brand. In fact, stylistically, they were like carbon copies of each other.


The Raw commentator then went on to focus on Tony D’Angelo: "He should be a street fighter. I know he has legit credentials, so I don’t want to see him wrestle the same way Giovanni Vinci wrestles. I don’t want to see Giovanni Vinci wrestle the same way Apollo Crews wrestles!".

Corey believes WWE bosses must fix this ASAP or run the risk of turning NXT 2.0 into a factory that produces exactly one kind of worker.

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