Corey Graves Shares Loved-Up Photo With Carmella

One of the WWE's latest couples is finally going public with their love for one another.

Carmella & Corey Graves
Carmella's Instagram -

Earlier this year, the internet briefly lost its mind at the news that Corey Graves and Carmella were having an affair that had cost the WWE commentator his marriage. Of course, that was all a case of the internet being the internet and jumping the gun, but the pair are indeed dating.

Despite their relationship having since become public knowledge, Graves and ‘Mella have shied away from putting their personal life out in the open. Until now, that is.

Taking to his Instagram page, Graves has posted the first image of himself and Carmella enjoying a romantic moment:

If you remember, this coupling became public when Corey’s wife took to social media to lambast her husband and his cheating ways. Only it turned out, after taking a deep breath to clarify the situation, that Graves and his wife of ten years had been separated for several months.

Now that the dust has settled, both Corey and his wife Amy have made it perfectly clear that there was no sort of overlap with Carmella – who previously dated Big Cass for several years – and now it seems that Graves and the former Women's Champion are prepared to give fans a glimpse at their burgeoning love for one another.

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