Corey Graves Shoots On 2 Major WWE Raw Segments?

Graves' Twitter fingers had a busy night...

Corey Graves

Corey Graves may not sit in the Raw announce booth anymore but his Twitter fingers stayed busy last night nonetheless, with the controversial colour commentator throwing out a couple of suspiciously-timed barbs during that broadcast.

Here's the first one:-

The tweet came at roughly the same time as the Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley match was taking place, during which a Liv Morgan/Lana spat helped 'The All Mighty' take the victory, leading to next week's mixed tag bout between the involved parties. Note the cheeky little plug for Graves' After the Bell podcast at the end.

Corey then tweeted the following as Raw's credits started rolling:-

As pointed out by Twitter's @OpenMicahNight, this looks like a call-back to an old Ric Flair promo from WCW Nitro.

Raw's final segment was, of course, the Fist Fight between Seth Rollins/AOP and Kevin Owens/Samoa Joe/Big Show, which saw the heels win when Buddy Murphy joined their growing gang.

There's every chance Graves is just drumming up controversy to advertise his podcast here. The man knows his reputation and works it on Twitter all the time, though it's hard to see the first tweet going down particularly well within WWE, particularly as it references Raw directly.

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