CRAZY Conspiracy Theory On Why WWE NXT Fans Boo MSK

Here's why Nash Carter and Wes Lee's WWE NXT 2.0 crowd reactions might have turned sour...

MSK boo

MSK's sour crowd reactions have been a constant NXT 2.0 curiosity throughout 2021, with the show's crowds regularly jeering babyfaces Nash Carter and Wes Lee despite their exciting in-ring performances.

This has raised many an eyebrow over the past few months, though a wacky conspiracy theory on why, exactly, Lee and Carter aren't getting the reactions their presentation warrants emerged over the weekend. Dave Meltzer has now verified the details - and covered the story on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio.

The NXT crowd's distaste for MSK may come from comments Carter made towards superfan Izzy back in 2018. Best known for her Bayley fandom during NXT's peak years, Izzy was a near-constant ringside presence as the black and gold brand was rising to prominence, developing her own renown as a result. In 2018, she took a Chokeslam from indie wrestler Effy on a smaller show despite being just 12 years old at the time.


This led to criticism from many prominent wrestling figures, including Lance Storm, Chelsea Green, and Carter. Izzy's parents are regular NXT attendees, and the theory states that they encouraged the crowd to go against MSK when Carter and Lee were signed to WWE.

Meltzer notes that around 200 people are invited to NXT each week. The same group of fans typically attend each show and it's a small enough building that word can get around quickly, which would make it easier for Izzy's parents to spread.


A Reddit thread full of similar testimonials has since emerged.

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