Current AEW Man Views Himself As Wrestling's Bob Dylan

Yes, this is an actual wrestling news headline. AEW's very own Bob Dylan speaks!

Bryan Danielson AEW

Bryan Danielson wants to be AEW's Bob Dylan more than All Elite's Aerosmith.

The technical wizard told interviewers during the recent Starrcast V media scrum that he's deliberately moved away from having a catchphrase for that very reason; Bryan ditched the "Yes" line he'd shout in WWE when he signed for Tony Khan's league, and he refuses to go back.

Why? Well, Danielson thinks having a catchphrase like that restricts his ability to push forward and do different things. He likens that to how bands like Aerosmith are expected to play the same songs over and over and over again whenever they go out on tour.


Fans want to see those greatest hits, but he prefers the Dylan approach. Bob marches to the beat of his own drum (so to speak), and doesn't always crank out tunes that people know. That, despite meaning fans miss out on hearing some classics, ensures that they'll see something fresh every single time.

Bryan loves the thought of doing that. He's joined a new promotion, so he doesn't fancy relying on things that worked elsewhere. No, Danielson wants to continue evolving.


It'd be awesome if he started crooning 'Like A Rolling Stone' on Dynamite, or something.

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