Current AEW Star BLASTS Popular Fan Chants

This AEW worker has no time for live crowds who chant two specific things at shows.

Tony Nese
Twitter, @JJWilliamsWON

Tony Nese has zero time for popular fan chants like, "Fight Forever" or, "Both These Guys".

The AEW star told AEW's Unrestricted podcast that those are actually his "two least favourite" chants in all of pro wrestling. That first one could be considered awkward - it's erm...the name of All Elite's first ever video game, after all.

Nese explained his dislike for both chants by saying they're a sure sign that ringsiders aren't emotionally invested in what they're seeing mid-match. He pointed out that you never get fans at NFL, NBA, NHL games etc yelling out things like, "Both These Teams".


That's true, but wrestling has always been fairly unique next to most real-world sports. Tony doesn't care though, because (as a heel) he wants people to "absolutely despise [his] existence on the show". If they're encouraging him to keep fighting, or showing appreciation for his performance, then they don't want to see him get his arse handed to him by the babyface.

Again, 'Fight Forever' is the title of AEW's first ever game. Nese doesn't want to hear it mentioned during his matches though, at least not as a repeated singalong.

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