Current AEW Star On MJF Drink Controversy: 'Smallest D*ck Energy"

This AEW wrestler isn't happy with MJF or fans after events at Revolution 2023.

Scorpio Sky

AEW's Scorpio Sky isn't happy with the actions of MJF at Revolution this past weekend, or with fans who are defending his decision to hurl a drink at a young boy watching at ringside.

Sky tweeted out that he'll "say it if nobody else will", then called "fans/media" out for "celebrating a kid being disrespected at a show". From there, Scorpio went on to call such behaviour "smallest d*ck energy", and he isn't having any defence for MJF's actions.


AEW boss Tony Khan reportedly welcomed the kid and his mother backstage following Revolution, and the youngster got to hang out with several members of the roster. There was more controversy surrounding the incident when reports leaked that it might have been an alcoholic drink too.

Sky is currently AWOL, but is still under contract to All Elite. There's no word on exactly when he'll return to Dynamite or Rampage either; Scorp last wrestled for AEW on the 6 July 2022 edition of Dynamite. There, he lost the TNT Title to Wardlow in a 'Street Fight'.


The former champ is angry at how Revolution's incident has been glorified by some online.

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