Current AEW Star Says WWE's Triple H "Is Brilliant"

This AEW worker thinks WWE's future is very bright now that Triple H is in charge.

Bobby Fish AEW

AEW star Bobby Fish has described old WWE NXT boss Triple H as "brilliant".

Fish told the 'Rewind, Recap, Relive' show that he "can’t see anything in the wrestling business that [Trips] has a hand in that’s not going to be successful". He then doubled down on the praise by adding: "I’m obviously biased and partial to the man, but I would go to war for him seven days a week".

This shouldn't be taken as a statement of intent from Bobby to leave All Elite and rejoin WWE though - he's very happy where he is in Tony Khan's league, but Fish will look on with great interest at how Triple H reshapes his previous employer.


Mainly, Fish is just happy to hear that NXT is slowly becoming a more "harmonious" environment again. It certainly wasn't that when he departed in 2021. Vince McMahon was starting to change NXT into what'd eventually become NXT 2.0, and that meant times were uncertain for Bobby and most of his friends.

He'd like to think that Triple H will offer some stability for those men and women again soon.

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