Current Plans For WWE's Hell In A Cell 2019 PPV Revealed

Two matches set to take place within the confines of the Hell in a Cell structure.

Becky Lynch Sasha Banks

With WWE Clash of Champions now in the books, up next on the WWE PPV schedule is next month’s Hell in a Cell event. And now, there’s the early word on just which matches may take place inside the ominous steel structure.

Courtesy of Dave Meltzer over at The Wrestling Observer, the current plan is for two matches to take place under Hell in a Cell rules.

Those matches are Becky Lynch defending her Raw Women’s Championship against Sasha Banks, and Seth Rollins putting up his Universal Championship against ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt.

Banks got a DQ victory over The Man at last night’s Clash of Champions PPV, meaning a Hell in a Cell rematch always seemed likely for the pair. As for Rollins and The Fiend, Wyatt had already made his Hell in a Cell intentions clear to face the winner of last night’s Rollins vs. Braun Strowman contest at the PPV – and this was only furthered when The Fiend attacked Seth as Clash of the Champions went off the air.

WWE Hell in a Cell will emanate from Sacramento, California’s Golden1 Center on Sunday, October 6th.

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