Current Star Teases New AEW Cruiserweight Division

Is Tony Khan about to add yet another belt to the AEW trophy cabinet?!

Matt sydal

AEW's Matt Sydal has teased the company starting up a brand new Cruiserweight division in the future.

Sydal told WrestlingNews on YouTube that All Elite's quicker workers could joust for a brand new AEW prize, or go after the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title because of Tony Khan's links to New Japan. Either way, Matt believes he'd be the king of a high-flying division on Dynamite and Rampage.

Could an AEW Cruiserweight Title be in the works? It'd certainly be random for Sydal to discuss it at all if not, but nothing is set in stone just yet. This could be Matt spitballing ideas during interviews to see if he can catch Tony's attention, after all.


Most pro wrestling fans would probably agree that AEW doesn't need another belt right now. Currently, including the ROH straps under his umbrella, Khan's company promotes a staggering 14 championships. That's before one even gets to the possible NJPW integration that Sydal is talking about.

Officially, a Cruiser belt would become the 15th recognisable belt on AEW television, which is...a lot. Matt Sydal does want it to happen soon though.

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