Current WWE Champion Undergoes Name Change

Yet another WWE talent undergoes a change to their moniker.

REginald flips

With WWE forever making tweaks and changes to the names of its superstars, current 24/7 Champion Reginald - previously known as Reginald Thomas - is the latest to have his moniker altered.

After the 24/7 Champ mentioned on the most recent episode of SmackDown how he'd prefer to now be known as Reggie, has moved to make that change official on their roster page - with the star now listed as simply "Reggie".

This isn't the only change to Reggie, mind, for Friday's blue brand offering also saw him drop his faux French accent. While that wasn't addressed on the main SmackDown broadcast, a later interview saw Reggie explain how he's from St. Louis, Missouri and was only doing the French accent because Carmella made him do so while he served as her sommelier.


Prior to signing with WWE in January 2020, Reggie worked in the circus and performed for Cirque du Soleil - hence why the fella is so insanely athletic and capable of pulling off more flips and flops than ten Young Bucks matches.

Technically still classed as a member of the Raw roster, being 24/7 Champion means Reggie is able to appear on both of WWE's main roster brands as it stands.

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