Current WWE Champion's Contract Set To Expire In Weeks

WWE apparently cutting it close with current Raw champion's renewal process.

Becky Lynch

WWE Women's World Champion Becky Lynch is staring down more than a challenge to her title in the coming weeks.

Fightful Select reports that Lynch's contract is up next month, "in roughly three weeks," and no new deal has been finalized.

The news follows on reports in recent months that Becky, her husband Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre were among several big-name wrestlers who had not yet agreed to new contracts with WWE. Since then, McIntyre and Rollins have signed new deals, with Rollins agreeing to a multi-year contract.


Fightful notes that while there have been ongoing conversations about a new deal, The Man has not yet put pen to paper. Lynch is slated to defend her Women's World Championship against Liv Morgan at King and Queen of the Ring, just before her deal is will expire. She won the title last month in a battle royal after Rhea Ripley surrendered it due to injury.

It's highly unusual to hear of so many top stars getting just weeks of their contracts expiring with no new deal hammered out, and it's said that this is one of the major reasons why the company released former EVP of Talent Dan Ventrelle last month, installing Chris Legentil and Matthew Altman in his place.


A seven-time women's champion and Grand Slam Champion, Lynch has been part of the WWE system since 2013, working her way up through NXT to win the first women's WrestleMania main event at WrestleMania 35.

The thought of Lynch leaving WWE -- especially right after her husband signed a multi-year deal -- seems extremely far-fetched, but in this TKO era, nothing is final until the ink has dried on a new contract. With only weeks to go, expect updates on The Man's contract status sooner rather than later.

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