Current WWE NXT Star Calls Himself "Incomparable"

This WWE NXT wrestler says uniqueness is very important; claims he isn't like anyone else.

Grayson Waller

Current NXT man Grayson Waller believes his in-ring style is "incomparable" to anybody else in the company, or any legends who came before him.

Yes, there was surely more than a touch of smug heel bravado and kayfabe about Waller's comments, but he told Cageside Seats that he's mindful of being unique on WWE's roster, and added: "I don't want to be like anyone else".


Waller admitted that he performs a version of Steve Austin's famous Stunner, and even uses Christian Cage's Unprettier from time-to-time during matches, but he also enjoys trying to tweak those moves so they stand out as slightly different to the classics.

That's important to the breakout heel, and it's something he'll continue doing when/if he reaches WWE's main roster in the future. Again, it's important to Grayson that he has an identifiable style that makes fans think of him first and foremost.


People can make their own minds up about whether or not he's successful there.

Waller is one of the NXT workers in contention for a possible call up to Raw or SmackDown during WWE's 2023 Draft. However, he does still have some unfinished business on NXT too.


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