Current WWE Star Clarifies Reports She's Leaving After WrestleMania 39

The rumour mill claims this WWE star is leaving the company, but what did she say in response?

Nikki Cross

Nikki Cross has shot down online reports that she'll be leaving WWE immediately after this weekend's WrestleMania 39 pay-per-view.

The Scot replied to a fan tweet claiming she'd depart the company post-'Mania to "pursue a PHD". During her polite response, Cross said that she won't be leaving WWE at all. In fact, that tweet was the first she'd heard of rumours that she'd be heading for the promotional exit doors.


"Pretty sure I'm a reliable source", she went on to add.

Then, Nikki clarified what's happening away from the ring. She is currently enrolled in an online Masters degree course, but plans to double up any future PHD plans with pro wrestling: "I would do both". Cross' fans will be pleased to know that she isn't going anywhere then.


The report was inaccurate - Nikki won't be leaving WWE after WrestleMania.

It is, however, true that Cross doesn't have a recognisable spot on either night in Hollywood. Perhaps her biggest hope was being involved in the throwaway "Showcase" tag-team bout, but creative has filled every spot for that now.


Nikki will be sticking around on TV afterwards, at least.

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