Current WWE Star Didn't Know He Was A "Rip Off"

This current WWE star had no idea he was ripping off a beloved company legend.

Carlito WWE

Current WWE career renaissance man Carlito has claimed he didn't even know his original introductory vignettes were blatant rip offs of old company favourite Razor Ramon.

Carlito told 'Stories With Brisco & Bradshaw' that he didn't realise this until Scott Hall was inducted into WWE's Hall Of Fame in 2014. The LWO member was there in attendance, and noticed obvious parallels between Razor's vignettes and his own from 2004.


He was genuinely stunned by the similarities.

Carly even described his own vignettes as "lazy re-dos" of Ramon's work. In one promo, he picked up an apple and spat it back at a fruit vendor. That's something Hall had done with another piece of fruit back in 1992. Carlito couldn't believe that he'd been a "rip off".


Few fans even cared much about this when "Carlito Caribbean Cool" waltzed into view around 20 years ago. Pro wrestling is well-known for recycling various gimmicks and ideas anyway, so it wasn't really something to worry about.

However, being a modern-day spin on the Razor Ramon character wasn't something Carlito thought about until almost a decade after he debuted on TV.

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