Current WWE Star Puts Himself Forward To Win King Of The Ring

Move over Shinsuke Nakamura - WWE could have a new 'King' (Of The Ring) very soon.

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Xavier Woods isn't exactly shy.

The New Day man appeared on Chris Denker's 'Into The Danger Zone' podcast to once again reiterate his desire to win the next WWE King Of The Ring tournament - a 2021 version has been rumoured since summer, but the company hasn't officially announced another KOTR quite yet.

Woods doesn't care. He's keen to put himself in the frame for a tourney win. Xavier, who watched his real-life pal Big E capture the WWE Title from Bobby Lashley on Monday's episode of Raw, told listeners that he wants KOTR "so bad".


It'd be validation for his hard work, and a sign that he's able to break out on his own away from tag matches and become a solo success. Again, he's watched Big E achieve his dreams, and previously backed up Kofi Kingston during his own 2019 World Title push.

Could Woods' time be coming?


Rather definitively, Xavier said he wanted WWE to "test [him] so [he] knows if [he] will pass or fail".

Would you like to see Xavier Woods win the next King Of The Ring? Or, do you have somebody else in mind for that spot?

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