Current WWE Star Says Success Is "Overdue"

This current WWE SmackDown wrestler thinks he's "overdue" some sustained success.

LA Knight

LA Knight believes WWE success is "overdue" for him.

The current SmackDown star was speaking on WWE's 'The Bump' show, so 99% of his comments would've been in-character. However, such confidence is nothing new for Knight - he's been that ballsy in other interviews before. This is a dude who really, really, believes in himself, and why not?


Some truth appeared to pour through once LA properly got going too. He said he "couldn’t get what was coming to [him]" beforehand, but the time is right to change that. Most fans would likely agree with that, which is why Knight is considered one of the firm favourites to win WWE's upcoming Money In The Bank prize on 1 July.

Knight was a breakout star on the NXT brand before moving up to the main roster, but WWE saddled him with a name change (to Max Dupri) and manager role before pivoting. Now, it seems they finally understand what kind of talent they have on their hands.


LA is determined to make the most of his sudden popularity. He routinely gets some of the loudest reactions from SmackDown crowds.

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