Current WWE Star Talks Main Roster "Patience"

Fans are frustrated by WWE booking, but this wrestler refuses to join in.

Johnny Gargano

A lot of pro wrestling fans have grown frustrated with the way WWE has booked Johnny Gargano on the main roster since he rejoined the company last year, but...'Johnny Wrestling' has called for everyone to show "patience".

He told Busted Open Radio that wrestling in arenas he's never worked before (and in front of crowds who have never seen him) is a thrill. However, Gargano believes it'll take time for him to build "equity" with more casual markets who didn't tune into NXT every week or see his work on the independent scene before he reached WWE.


That's a remarkably balanced and thoughtful bit of perspective from someone who'd have every right to start wondering what's happening creatively - Johnny's storyline stuff with The Miz and Dexter Lumis fell fairly flat, and he hasn't really had much else going on since landing on Raw.

Gargano refuses to let frustration take hold though. He's proud of his performance opposite Seth Rollins at Elimination Chamber last month, and knows "opportunities" will come if he keeps working hard and impresses live crowds.


Johnny has called for fans to stick with his journey.


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