Daniel Bryan & Aleister Black OUT Of WWE Super Showdown 2019

The list of wrestlers refusing to go to Saudi Arabia grows.

Daniel Bryan Aleister Black

Yesterday brought the news that Kevin Owens had told WWE officials he didn't want to compete at the upcoming Super Showdown pay-per-view in Saudi Arabia (7 June). No concrete reason was given at the time, though it didn't exactly come as a surprise given KO's close relationship with Sami Zayn, whose Syrian heritage prevents him from travelling to KSA.

Now, it looks like Daniel Bryan and Aleister Black are set to join Zayn and Owens on the list of wrestlers refusing to compete at Super Showdown. This is according to Post Wrestling's John Pollock, who broke the news in an update last night.

There's currently no word on why either man has pulled out, though Bryan has previously made headlines by declining the chance to wrestle on last year's Crown Jewel event. This lead to WWE rearranging a planned bout between him and AJ Styles for a random episode of SmackDown.

None of the above wrestlers are currently listed for the card, which includes Triple H vs. Randy Orton, Goldberg vs. The Undertaker, Roman Reigns vs. Shane McMahon, a 50-man Battle Royal, and a handful of others at the moment.

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