Daniel Bryan Could Be Out Injured For One Month

WWE still not ruling Bryan out of Extreme Rules.

A WWE source has told PWInsider that Daniel Bryan's injury was expected to take a month to heal. That was the time frame when WWE first sent Bryan home from the European Tour last week. It could still change, with wwe.com currently stating that Bryan is undergoing "diagnostic testing" to determine if he'll be fit to defend the Intercontinental Title against Bad News Barrett at Extreme Rules this Sunday. The source told PWInsider that the injury occurred on the April 9th event in Dublin, Ireland. The match was Bryan teaming with Dolph Ziggler and Erick Rowan against the team of Barrett, Sheamus and Bray Wyatt. There's no exact word on what the injury was, other than that it was initially thought it would take a month to heal. That's good in some ways, as four weeks suggest it isn't anything too bad. The fear was that Bryan had re-injured his neck, which could necessitate another lengthy layoff if not retirement. That could still prove to be the case, as WWE remain unusually quiet on details so far. At this point you'd have to seriously doubt that this Sunday's match is going ahead. The word from Bryan Alvarez last week was that Bryan was getting a medical examination as soon as he returned to the United States. Presumably WWE must have a pretty solid idea by now of what is going on.
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