Daniel Bryan Hopeful WWE Will Allow Him To Wrestle For Other Promotions

D-Bry is trying to "weasel" his way into WWE letting him work for other wrestling companies.

Daniel Bryan WrestleMania 37

While the ‘forbidden door’ has been kicked open by AEW in recent weeks and months, Daniel Bryan is hopeful that WWE will agree to let him wrestle for other promotions.

Bryan has recently confirmed that his current WWE deal us up “relatively soon”, and it's now been detailed how he’s trying to convince WWE to allow him to wrestle outside of the company while still being contracted with Vince McMahon's sports entertainment giant.

Speaking during a WrestleMania 37 meet and greet – as picked up on by Fightful – Bryan explained:

“It’d be interesting if I could wrestle in different companies and WWE. That’s something I’m trying to weasel my way into right now.”

Whether WWE would ever agree to such a proposal remains to be seen, although past history suggests that D-Bry is facing a massive uphill battle on that front.

As to where the American Dragon could complete if WWE somehow agreed to this most unlikely of scenarios, one potential promotion would by CMLL – with Bryan having previously talked up how he’s always wanted to wrestle on one of the CMLL Anniversary Shows.

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