Daniel Bryan Latest WWE Superstar To Turn Down Saudi Arabia Return

Bryan set to miss out Middle East trip once more.

Daniel Bryan Super Showdown

Much as he did for last October's Crown Jewel, Daniel Bryan looks set to sit out WWE's latest trip to Saudi Arabia.

According to Dave Meltzer, speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan rejected company officials' offer to work 7 June's WWE Super ShowDown in Jeddah. With one half of the holders missing, the SmackDown Tag Team Championship obviously won't be defended in the Kingdom.

After going the distance during April's titular Greatest Royal Rumble in the country last April, Bryan skipped the company's second trip to Saudi Arabia following the state-sponsored murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The former WWE champ was also taking a principled stance against the country's human rights record, and in particular the fact that homosexuality is a capital crime.

Fellow main-eventer John Cena also opted out of Crown Jewel, with Roman Reigns following suit, although the latter was eventually persuaded to change his mind. Earlier this week, it emerged that Kevin Owens had also asked to be excused from Super ShowDown, forcing Dolph Ziggler into his WWE Championship rematch opposite Kofi Kingston.

With options elsewhere, WWE's big hitters can now take a moral stand without the implicit threat to their job security. It'll be interesting to see who else rejects the call in the coming weeks.

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