Daniel Bryan Suffers TWO Awkward Wardrobe Malfunctions At WWE Elimination Chamber 2020

He gave fans a real ballsy performance...

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The WWE Universe might have given standing ovations to Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak for their exceptional opener at the 2020 edition of Elimination Chamber, but there's also another reason as to why this match has received so much attention.

During the bout, WWE's 'Yes Man' suffered not one but two awkward wardrobe malfunctions as his trunks, well, moved a little bit and briefly exposed his testicles.

The first event occurred when Bryan attempted to suplex Gulak over the top rope and the latter grabbed his opponent's trunks, taking him with him to the ground below. It appears that this stretched the fabric of Bryan's trunks because he would suffer the same malfunction later in the match during a Reverse Brainbuster off the top rope.


Though both incidents were too fast for fans - both those in the arena and watching at home - to see play out in real-time, WWE bafflingly showed slow-motion repeats of both moments - unwittingly highlighting the awkward moments in the process.

Hey, anything can happen on live TV and no doubt the WWE superstars are used to it happening once in a while. Chances are, however, that those slow-mo replays will be edited out (or another angle will be used) when the live version of the event is swapped out on the WWE Network with the final home media edition.


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