Daniel Bryan To Have More Surgery

Former WWE Champion hasn't wrestled since May 4th.

WWE taped a segment at last night€™s Smackdown tapings in Houston, Texas in which Big Show announced Daniel Bryan will require further surgery on his problematic elbow. Show then went on to lead the crowd in a €œYes€ chant which he said would be recorded and sent to the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion to help him through this difficult time in his career. Details of Bryan€™s surgery are not yet known, and it is unclear at this stage whether the Big Show segment will even make it onto the Smackdown broadcast, however the announcement certainly doesn€™t come as a surprise to most of us. Bryan €“ who has been out of action since May 4th of this year €“ was originally scheduled to undergo Tommy John surgery back in August but doctor€™s decided to wait while a series of tests were carried out. If the news of a further operation is in fact true then it would appear those tests have not produced positive results. The implications of surgery could mean Bryan is able to return to the ring at full strength in time for Wrestlemania 31, but there is also the very real chance that the opposite could happen, especially if the surgery does not give Bryan back the full use of his arm. If the latter is true then it could realistically mean we have seen the last of the former American Dragon as an active performer in a WWE ring. This news couldn€™t come at a worse time for WWE as several top stars are either out with injuries or looking for time off (Randy Orton) but they must understand bringing Bryan back without the surgery would be a horrible idea. With all this being said fans anticipating a surprise return at January€™s Royal Rumble leading to a dream come back in Wrestlemania€™s main event probably shouldn€™t hold their breath.
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