Daniel Bryan Talks WWE Return & New Signings

What does Daniel Bryan think of WWE signing other indy stars?

Daniel Bryan has been on the shelf for three months now and there doesn't appear to be a timetable on his return. Bryan spoke with Comic Book Resource about his return and said that he'd like to come back soon but that doctor's aren't so optimistic. He said that he undergoes physical therapy, acupuncture and Active Release Technique daily to help get him back in the ring. When asked about the possibility of returning in a non-wrestling capacity Bryan didn't seem keen on the idea, saying "I feel like if I can come back to wrestle, then it€™s best to just wait until I can come back to wrestle." He also said that absence makes a return better as opposed to sporadically being on TV while hurt. Bryan has been sidelined with multiple injuries since May. In Bryan's absence the feud between Stephanie McMahon and Bryan's wife Brie Bella has kept his name involved on WWE TV. WWE has also recently signed the likes of KENTA, Prince Devitt, and Kevin Steen all of which had similar backgrounds to Bryan. He noted he was excited about the signings, singling out KENTA in particular: "I€™m really excited, really excited. People€™s eyes are going to be opened with KENTA. He just brings a different style that we€™ve never seen in the WWE before. Tajiri threw a lot of kicks, but they weren€™t as intense as KENTA€™s. Being on the receiving end of KENTA€™s kicks is one of those things that translates very well to the audience because you can see it, but somehow the audience is almost able to feel it," Bryan said. All three new signings will start with WWE NXT soon.
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