Daniel Bryan Wants WWE WrestleMania Match With CM Punk

Bryan vs Punk at Mania 36? Yeah, probably not.

Daniel Bryan CM Punk

Daniel Bryan recently spoke to Cerrito Live and was asked about the chances of CM Punk wrestling again for WWE. Where as most wrestlers in this situation immediately call out Punk in a desperate plea for a Mania match (Hi Seth), Bryan was more honest about the situation and had some interesting things to say about his past feuds with the voice of the voiceless.

“I always say it’s always so enticing to come back, as much as you don’t want to,” Bryan said. “I would hope yes and also – in the back of my mind and even after he left – I always had this thing where it just seemed to me there should have always been a WrestleMania match between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan." He continued to note "Now at this point, he may be past that and I know he’s not big on people putting his name out there and saying, ‘Oh, I wanna do this.’ That’s not where I’m coming from with this at all. But just in the back of my head I’m disappointed that we never got a CM Punk-Daniel Bryan WrestleMania match.”

The two have had some classic battles in the past and I for one would love to see one more match.

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