Darby Allin Denies Referencing CM Punk On AEW Dynamite

THAT "best in the world" line apparently wasn't referring to CM Punk...

Darby Allin Sting

While Darby Allin got the wrestling world talking on last week's AEW Dynamite after seemingly referencing CM Punk, the former TNT Champion has moved to play down such talk.

Of course, that most recent Dynamite offering had Allin cut a backstage promo about how the only place to prove your ability is in AEW... "even if you think you are the best in the world".

The Best in the World is a nickname CM Punk famously gave himself during the final years of his WWE tenure, and the fact that this line from Darby took place directly after AEW had announced Chicago's United Center as the venue for the 20 August AEW Rampage, many saw all of this as a tease of Allin calling out the Second City Saint.


Speaking during a virtual meet and greet for the Asylum Wrestling Store (as per POST Wrestling), Darby claimed he was simply referring to Sammy Guevara during the aforementioned promo:

"No, that's more Sammy Guevara, because he calls himself the best ever. Yeah, well people read into it too much. Sammy Guevara calls himself the best ever so... it's cool, dude. It's awesome that people actually care and wanna know what's going on."

Both CM Punk and Bryan Danielson are reportedly heading to AEW, although reports claim that none of the AEW roster - bar the EVPs of the company - have been told whether these two former WWE Champions are incoming or not.

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