Dark Side Of The Ring Season 3 Coming To Vice In 2021

14-episode third season expected next year.


Celebrated wrestling documentary series Dark Side Of The Ring will return for a third series of 14 episodes in 2021, according to entertainment industry giant Variety.

The show has been an objective and subjective success story for Vice TV, with notable growth across the board from the off. Ratings for Season Two smashed all prior records set prior, with a two-hour special on Chris Benoit that kicked off the run scoring 320,000 viewers - up substantially from the 234,000 record set in Season One with the episode centred around the the Von Erich family. The premiere itself was then topped by the season finale on Owen Hart, which drew 349,000.

This is perhaps reflected in the deal - Season 3 will see an increase of four episodes from the ten in Season 2, which itself was up from six in Season 1.


Executive producers of the series Evan Husney and Jason Eisener previously asked fans on Twitter what stories they'd like to see explored before Season 2 launched, with Hart's popping up most often in the replies. Other episodes across both seasons have included profiles on Bruiser Brody, the Montreal Screwjob, New Jack, Brian Pillman and others. There's no confirmation yet of what may be included third time around.

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