Dark Side Of The Ring Season 3 Will Feature Dynamite Kid Special

The Dynamite Kid's life and career set to be explored in Dark Side Of The Ring.

Dynamite Kid

Tom Billington, best-known as The Dynamite Kid, will be featured in VICE's third 'Dark Side Of The Ring' season.

Mike Johnson broke the news on PWInsider Elite by revealing that Billington’s first wife Michelle and their children were recently interviewed by the producers. Bret Hart's ex-wife Julie will also star as a talking head in the episode when it airs.

This announcement takes the third series' episode count up to nine - VICE plan to deep dive on Brian Pillman (which will be the first show of season three), Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling, XPW, Nick Gage, WCW and New Japan's 'Collision In Korea' event from 1995, The Smith Family (Grizzly Smith, Sam Houston, Rockin’ Robin and Jake Roberts), Bruiser Bedlam, Chris Kanyon and The Dynamite Kid.


Chris Jericho will return as the narrator.

Billington was wheelchair-bound in 1997 after suffering numerous back and leg injuries throughout his critically-acclaimed pro wrestling career. He later passed away on 5 December 2018 (his 60th birthday), but leaves behind a trail of in-ring memories and real-life controversy.


VICE will explore all of that, and everything in between, on 'Dark Side Of The Ring'.

Stay tuned for updates on when season three is set to launch.

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